Don’t assume all websites work equally well.


Over 90% of internet users utilize search engines like google to find services and products. Getting to the top of Google is not an option, its now crucial in order for your enterprise to succeed on the internet.  With vast amounts of websites online, how would you guarantee your potential customers find you? SEO (search engine optimization) improves your sites natural ranking, guaranteeing that people who need your services will be able to find you.

Effective SEO campaigns establish long-term visitor traffic that provide a valuable stream of potential clients, week after week, year in year out. When coupled with other online spending, effective SEO leads to lower overall cost-per-acquisition. SEO campaigns work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over 200 factors are used to understand Google’s search engine rankings. Although SEO is an extremely detailed process, unique to every single website, this particular list of core priniciples are classified as the basis of any SEO approach.


1. The initial step would be to understand your online business goals, target market, competitors & current web presence.

2.  SEO is commonly separated into two categories: On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. A well-rounded SEO strategy makes use of on/off-site methods in combination to improve effectiveness.

  • On-site SEO includes improvements made to the code of the website to boost search engine ranking and conversion rates like site maps, link optimization, site structure, meta-tags & functionality enhancements.
  • Off-site SEO refers to placement of backlinks to your website from other sites including but not exclusive to business databases, social networking websites, community sites, blogs, & video websites.

3.  Performance Metrics is a vital element to sustain a Return-On-Investement (ROI). This includes tracking the progress of search engine rankings, website traffic & conversions to ensure campaign improvements may be implemented appropriately.

The amount of time it takes to see SEO results varies with the durability of your competitors, but you will generally see movement upward in the rankings within 2-3 months and in some cases within 2 weeks. Significant benefits typically take 5-6 months to appear. Page 1-2 rankings in Google cannot always be guaranteed and all reputable SEO firms will agree. However, the mission is to always obtain top 10 rankings for a website and most of the time optimization works, and works very well.

Once you obtain great ranking for your website, you’ll need to defend your position by never stopping the SEO process. After top organic placement is achieved in Google, you’ll want to continue implementing the proper SEO strategies to make it exceedingly difficult for competitors to surpass your search engine rankings. Circumstances are never too definite in the world of SEO because the search engine algorithms that determine organic and natural positioning are ever changing. You will notice small fluctuations in organic optimization but if your website is built correctly then it should stay more and more stable as time goes by.

Since most SEO buyers do not understand how to evaluate what they’re purchasing, SEO remains to be the Wild West. There are still many service providers and freelancers with less than modest expertise making big promises they only sometimes keep. Spending more money will not increase the odds that you will be given the work you expect.

Learn more about SEO. The more you know about search engine optimization, the better you’ll be able to evaluate the work being done for you.


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